GTA 5 Secret Cars – “Rusted Tractor” (GTA V)

GTA 5 Secret Cars – “Rusted Tractor” (GTA V)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Secret Cars – “Rusted Tractor” (GTA V)

  1. Anyone notice the trend of everyone saying “What’s up everyone!”. I haven’t
    herd an original or semi original greeting/intro from anyone. That an
    begging for thumbs and so on, I simply thumb down and report when I come
    across the beggars. 

  2. I found a second location of the rusty tractor!!! (East of the Freeway,
    middle horizontal road between humane and gordo lighthouse)

  3. You know what annoys me, the fact that I can’t change the order my
    characters are in online.

  4. One question, do you need to be offline? And can it just fit in your garage
    or do you need to glitch it in?

  5. …sooooo uhhhh got the tractor, drove 20mins to get the nearest highway,
    got hit by a train, and wasted a good 20mins of my life

  6. for anyone thats want that tractor but dont want to wast time take the
    cargo bob the it will make is so much easier

  7. I tried 4 times and couldnt find anything but the scientist and just one
    fib agent, but no car

  8. Bro loved it the tractor is really fun to just drive aroun till you get
    stuck in a ditch with it and it won’t drive up