GTA 5: Secret Floor Above The Mural! / Hidden Entrance Observatory Leaked Pictures!!

GTA 5: Secret Floor Above The Mural! / Hidden Entrance Observatory Leaked Pictures!!

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  1. It looks like we can enter the Observatory! Also there is a secret second
    floor at the Mural! We need to trigger both before we can enter! What do
    you guys think about this?

    Help me with hunting and drop all your theories and thoughts down below!
    This would really help me alot!♥

  2. Maybe you youtubers should play without cheats? ‘Cus when you enter a cheat
    it says something about not getting achievement

  3. Remember one thing about the mystery surrounding the Great Mount Chiliad’s

    (1) Ontop of the Mural you can see an EYE with a line going straight down
    to towards the EGG.
    -basically the map of the Mural is a Half, a line from the ‘Eye’ to the
    ‘Egg’ to Show there’s EasterEggs to Break in this Game.

    (2) Left side 2 ‘X’s with a UFO at the bottom.

    (3) Right side 3 ‘X’s with a JETPACK at the bottom.

    (4) Ufo and Jetpack are the EasterEggs to be broken.

    (5) the ‘X’s are the clues you need to follow in a certain way from them
    lines you see on the Mural from 1 ‘X to another which leads you towards the
    EasterEggs at the bottom.

    (now that’s how the Mural is READ). 

  4. Another great video whizl can I add u on ps4 what’s your gamertag mines
    mikeystrat87 plssss add me

  5. Rockstar said a time ago the have easter egs but ones ar so hard tho find
    maybe too hard nobody cant find them so i think there ar really big hidden
    easter eggs 

  6. Maybe the egg on the mural is the Observatory. And the UFO is Mount
    Chilliad (because a UFO spawns on it). But what is the Jetpack? Fort
    Zancudo? Maze Bank? Who knows?!

  7. I know this is far fetched, but maybe you actually need to get true 100%,
    because you don’t actual have to do everything for 100%

  8. I know that most of those doors can be open because of one of the last
    missions where all the swat teams come out from the doors, when i did the
    creator content glitch you will see all the doors can open at the
    observatory, but its nothing, just made for the cut scenes, try it

  9. Nice video whizl ! Just want to say that you people should forget about the
    jetpack it will never be found , rockstar did a very well worked myth and I
    m sure that nothing will be found any time soon. 

  10. Whizl… Did you fake that video with the observatory door lights? I’m not
    saying you did, I just need the truth

  11. Looking at all the comments maybe the mural lines matches up with the lines
    at the front of the observatory also the mural has an eye same as the
    observatory which looks up to the cracked part
    P.s Thanks to slayaz red for the observatory thing

  12. WhizL… could this possible be part of the asteroid object thats in the
    game’s coding? At one point during GTA ONLINE old-gen, some modders were
    soawing asteroids in public sessions. Maybe the observatory is the location
    of something big. 

  13. There’s an elevator at the observatory. We just need more info how what
    this means and how to open it. 

  14. Considering the observatory one is a crack, maybe in some future DLC a UFO
    crashes into it, and when you go to investigate you can get into the
    crashed UFO and the jetpack is in there? I know this is all speculation,
    but it is a possibility!

  15. It is a new glitch where you can glitch into walls and it din’t work at
    that big thing on the roof but it work at the door but you are just falling
    down at the door