GTA 5: Secret Hidden Door Easter Egg!!

GTA 5: Secret Hidden Door Easter Egg!!

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  1. Amazing Secret Hidden Door we got here at Michaels house! I really think
    this is something we can trigger and I really think it leads to something,
    If it was a glitch or texture glitch Rockstar would’ve patched it allready
    with one of the updates! So it has to be something! Leave your opinions
    down below please!

  2. This has NOTHING to do with the jetpack mystery and you know it. Stop
    spamming my fucking sub-box with click bait titles and thumbnails.

  3. Can I ask you a question, WhizL? Why every god damn weird thing in Gta 5
    for you is A GIETTPACK PRUFF GETPECK CUNFIRMD 110%1!!1!1!1111 Can it just
    be an easter egg? xD

  4. Hey man good info and theroy 😛 I’m not sure about this maybe it’s just a
    texture glitch 🙁 ?

  5. Whizl your videos are getting worse each time it’s a door they removed from
    the first lay out of Michaels house. Every thing you see as an Easter egg
    in the game you think has to do with the jetpack I could tell you I found a
    packet of crips near the bins at the strip club that have a j on them and
    you would make a video saying possible jetpack location come on watch the
    ps4 trailer of the game it keeps saying continue looking for the truth and
    shows you omega and the space docker to me that shows it will be in the
    next gen of the game

  6. is just a space filler. FAIL EDIT!!!! the guy who edit this house was
    too lazily and paint it over

  7. Hi Wiz.
    Can you try to drive with the Space Docker into the door.Or to open up the
    door with the Space Docker.
    Pls try IT.

  8. +WhizL l GTA5 Videos l Tips, Tricks, Glitches and Easter Eggs! try to walk
    in micheals house, to find a hidden button. mayby there is a little place
    where you can press something to trigger the door. Or do yoga in his
    backyard and go wacht at it when you are done.

  9. If you don’t like whizl’s videos why are you here watching them.
    Keep the up the good work bro.

  10. He tries don’t he? So don’t hate and have you tried a wall breach yet in
    his house they might have put one in the game intentionally but idk I gonna
    search his house carefully for a wall breach to that room if not I’m gonna
    search under the map 

  11. Whizl logic:

    Hey i seen Trevor blink with both eyes! it might be a Easter egg or a sign
    to find the jet pack!

  12. I dont think its anything more than a texture glitch but if you think its
    something try and do the glitch to get under the map with the helicoper and
    check it out. Love your videos and dont listen to haters. Only thing i ask
    is to maybe skip a day of uploading to make them longer

  13. Beaverdevies was right man everthing you see is an easteregg. Its getting
    annoyed the videos of where you get more them a 100000 views thats the
    videos we want thats more interesting

  14. Whiz check this out !!!!

    So, i’ve been trying to tell you this since february, but you never
    responded to my comments, so i thought you knex about it, but if you didint
    know (i think you do and you made a video but im not sure) the jack sheepe
    sign is a actually an anagram : Jack Sheepe Servicing Tri Manifold /
    Micheal goes in river finds jetpack. So ii’ve got a cool theory for you !
    One time (it was a while ago so i dont quite remember the details of it,
    sry) i went to the altruist camp (remember your jetpack box video ?) and
    the guys there shot me and told be to get out and said something about
    government or iia or fib dont remember, but they thought micheal was a
    “”governmet guy”” or something like that. Here’s my theory on this ! Maybe
    the altruists HAD the jetpack, but then government guys took it away from
    them ! The thing is, there’s a mission when you destroy the train on a
    bridge on top of a river, then merrywether comes after you ! I dont
    remember what was in the train but what if the jetpac was hidden somewhere
    in it and merrywether knew it (maybe they ALSO came to get the jetpack).
    Now, when you go to the hippie camp (if you put the chiliad mural over the
    gta v map (only blaine county not los santos, the jetpack symbois around
    the hippie camp, but this doesnt really help and i’m not even sure of it)
    theres the mysterious arrow pointing on top of a cylinder. Well that arrow
    could be related to the anagram !

    BUT ! (theres always a but in easter egg hunting :p )

    Check this out i
    personally kindof trust this guy EVEN THOUGH HE MAY BE TROLLING (only look
    at the location video) he also send you a message (you answered it) on a
    previous video, also look at the comments for the location video on his
    channel, so what he think COULD be the jetpack seems to be on the roads,
    and someone suggested it could be the millitary convoy ! so perhaps the
    governmet took the jetpack back (maybe fromù merywether or i dunno) and
    it’s not in the river anymore !!! Anyway whiz, if you could give me your
    skype through private message that’d be great so i can explain more and we
    can talk about this ! Keep up the good work, i’m supporting you ;)