GTA 5: Secret Hidden Door/Entrance In The Sea!?! – Jetpack Next Gen Easter Egg Hunt!

GTA 5: Secret Hidden Door/Entrance In The Sea!?! – Jetpack Next Gen Easter Egg Hunt!

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  1. I’d love to hear what you guys think of this amazing found! If you ask me
    it is a door/entrance, but it is blocked. So we need to find a way to open
    it. IF it’s enterable of course! If you look at the area around here you
    would say it’s possible because there is plenty of space behind the rocks
    for a possible tunnel!

    What do you guys think about this?
    Help me with hunting and drop all your theories and thoughts down below!
    This would really help me alot!♥

  2. I think this is from the mission where you have to get the submarine from
    marryweather and steal something with it under the water 

  3. Omg I found this aaaages ago. I just assumed it was where the nuclear bomb
    thing was placed on one of the single player missions, where you had to get
    a cargobob and a sub and steal it.

  4. Its from the merryweather heist if you pick the offshore version. It has a
    a super weapon attached to it. 

  5. Okay guys so apparently this ”thing” is from a mission. Sorry, I really
    didn’t knew that and if I knew this before I would’ve never made a video
    about it. But okay it is from a mission but it still looks like it is a
    door/entrance. Do you guys still think we can enter it in a way even when
    we know it’s from a mission now. Again, sorry. I hope you all understand.
    Please like so everyone can see this message! ♥

  6. It looks like a undersea pump or something. They sink with a line or tube
    to keep pressure on the pipe or something.

  7. isn’t that the part from the merryweather heist? where you have to pick the

  8. are you serious whizl!? Its from a mission who ever told you about this
    really needs to do some.research before he goes crazy about it

  9. This is not from that mission. That mission didn’t take place in the
    northern part of Los santos it took place at the docks in southern Los
    Get your facts straight people!!

  10. Hi WhizL, hybreed gamer here. I’ve got an Amazing space theory that
    explains the mural. So here it is- The message where all the alien doodles
    are with the peace love and the toy ufo on the floor says that “Life is
    Universal”-means there are other planets….then some where on the ground I
    found a ufo doodle with a raining cloud below it, this ufo doodle is most
    likely the first one at the top on the mural because it is above the
    clouds- meaning space again. Then to start this egg we must complete 100%
    of the game. The first step is to go to the military base at a certain time
    or day and start taking over the highlighted lane in the UV map, this will
    unlock a hydra? Or a plane that reaches space? After this go to space and
    find the planet “Uranus” because it mentions this planet in the alien life
    peace doodle area. It mentions Uranus near the beam me up sign. After this
    we find mother of all ufos on space. Then we destroy it. Then the 5 ufos on
    earth lose their shield. Then we maybe can get abducted by them. After all
    this might get a jetpack or ufo? Pls read guys very real theory here!

  11. Haha i remember i found this last year , and i did the same as you i
    uploaded a video on it thinking i found sumthn , but then people in
    comments where saying its from merryweather mission and im like Oh damn

  12. Ive been there on foot on the ps3, it does nothing, if you go to the lost
    hatch on the other hand , it plays the drum when you get next to it

  13. The square like white lights on each corner look like the lights on the
    observatory that you made a video about activating so maybe when all for
    lights are active on observatory then door will open.

  14. Lol I’m not trying to add hate but this is a clear example of not CHECKING
    the source material BEFORE hyping another video based on OTHER people’s
    finds …how did you not know that was from a mission?…have you even beat
    the game? Or are you just waiting for other people to do the solving for