GTA 5 – SECRET HIDDEN MESSAGE ON BLUEPRINT MAP (Aliens, Secret Place, & More) [GTA V Easter Egg]

GTA 5 – SECRET HIDDEN MESSAGE ON BLUEPRINT MAP (Aliens, Secret Place, & More) [GTA V Easter Egg]

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  1. At fort zancudo it says ‘take control’ probaly meaning the control tower
    then the secret elevator opens when you press a button in the tower

  2. Yea Theres Aliens , Ufo , Sea Monsters, Ghosts , Big Foot , Zombies All
    That Kind Of Creepy Stuff Is In GTA 5 that i have found.

  3. GUYS i Have Collectors edition i bought UV light then i found T.P.E

    Trevor Philips Enterprises

  4. The $500,000 is the “No Country For Old Men” easter egg, but when I went
    there, there’s $25,000, and there’s a UFO in the sky on top of Mt. Josiah,
    Sandy Shores, and Mt. Chiliad! :)

  5. I think I know. The ufo has run out of fuel and only hovering probabaly
    tying to get what it needs.just like the frozen alien.and the “take
    control” part it maybe they need those to attack with he titan moving stuff
    and the lazer it could be a future dlc or im just way off.

  6. use the uv light on the space docker on the illuminatti diagram . or put
    the space docker on top if the red eye under the wood on mount chillad and
    honk the horn when the ufo appears

  7. Ok guys relax i cracked it i figured it all out when you follow the letter
    it leads you to the dock and theres a strangers and freak mission for
    micheal which makes you find marshel mayhers body in the ocean which is
    eminems dad and to get the jet pack the reason for the fort zancudo to be
    circled is because in there is a guard/control tower you must last 45 min
    inside the prison inside the control tower without dieing once you did that
    you will need a buzzard and go to the iaa building which was one of the
    first hiest missions where you kidnap that one guy well if you aline you
    buzzurd to the northwest side of building about 3/4 of the way up if you
    shoot your machine guns at it some windows break you have to parachute
    inside the building and walk down the hall and to the left through the door
    and you will find the jetpack there although once you try to pick it up it
    says the jetpack can be found at some other location i cannot remember the
    name but its one of the houses by franklins house up in the hills and the
    garage door opens and in there you will find the jetpack and it will always
    respawn there and you could also buy it good luck hope you guys find it

  8. Guys,guys,guys! Remeber riflegaming’s video of the water aliens in the lake
    he made online with his buds swimming there, tat might explain that THERE
    HERE sign! On the map

  9. if u look at the alien sign it is the same as the mount chiliad sign.
    easter egg solved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gamer tag on xbox is Apmc SpiderBoxx