GTA 5 Secret Island Online?

GTA 5 Secret Island Online?

25 Responses to GTA 5 Secret Island Online?

  1. everyone needs to relax lol this video was put up as a funny joke you guys
    must not have watched the whole video. either way things were changed in it
    to stop you guys from disliking it lol anyways thanks for watching hoping
    the guys that enjoyed it 

  2. Misleading title, but still an interesting idea. The added crash noises
    were not necessary though.

  3. MIsleading title, stupid channel name, stupid added sound effects, shitty
    audio quality, lack of humor — I can’t believe the annotation convinced me
    to stick through the whole thing. It wasn’t worth it. Also, nice hacked

  4. There isn’t a bottom that far out. Maybe a kraken? They found something in
    the source code for something huge at the bottom of the ocean super far
    north passed the limit of the map.

  5. Thats not a glitch you can find it if you just get in a boat and go right
    and youl find it this vid is fake

  6. I spent 40 fucking minutes trying to do it I was under water for almost 20
    min an don’t you fuck ing tell me that it’s longer cause you know it’s a
    fake and you fixed youtube so some people can’t dislike. AND SHUT THE FUCK
    UP I know what you going to say to get you out of this conversation and I
    don’t want to hear it you lieing fuck. BITCH!!!!!

  7. HERES HOW TO GET TO THE BOTTOM: first of all you need to be NOT online, i
    only have frank and mike left, what i did, was took a boat out, eventually
    around the point you guys go to the boat will just start sinking, go with
    it, but once whoever your using starts to run out of breath switch
    characters, this works with health too…enjoy.

    ps. theres nothing down there but blackness

  8. People are bitching “Waste of 6 mins” What could you have fucking
    accomplished that mattered in 6 mins. Don’t say some stupid shit because
    you’re on Youtube looking up and watching videos. 

  9. i think all you tubers shuld know that wen u say its your boy ur fucking
    gay and i dont wana watch the rest of it god i hate that wen ppl think its

  10. There’s only 9k likes out of a a million watchers. What’s that 1%? You
    disabling the ratings is an insult to yourself. This isn’t a. Joke, its