GTA 5: Secret & Rare Car Locations (GTA V)

GTA 5: Secret & Rare Car Locations (GTA V)

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  1. These are not rare! You can find these anytime, all the time! I mean rare
    like, fucking difficult to find! These can be easily found. Here are three
    rare vehicles i need: Cheval Surge, Schyster Fusilade, and the Bollokan

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  3. In GTA v their is a cool offroading area only use of the sandking it is at
    the beach before you get to the gas station at the military base it is the
    first guard rail with bushes behind it cross the rail before the bridge and
    go under the bridge and hang a left then there’s rocks to climb stay on the
    ridge of it until you get back on the beach once you start there’s no
    turning back

  4. You forgot about the car that’s faster then the bugitti. ┬ź┬ź I know it’s
    miss spelled. Its up by Michael’s house look for the spray paint shop in
    the rich side of town and it’s there only at night time. ´╗┐

  5. Thx Mr.JamesGeary I found all of them and also thx for posting this last
    year on my birthday which is September 22 and you just got a subscriber and
    a like ­čśë your awesome!!!´╗┐

  6. Sometimes when i switch to Franklin he is driving around .Sometimes very
    rare Frank is driving in Vinewood and every time I see the ADDER in White
    and black´╗┐