25 Responses to GTA 5 – SELLING CARS!!!

  1. Hey bud I think you should make a silver and gold car with the money symbol
    wheels. =D

  2. AK you used to love the way the thrust looked what happened? U just started
    hating it!

  3. This is why cheating by glitches gets you nowhere. Because you have so much
    money its no a problem that you get everything and the game loses purpose.
    And the cars you have you really don’t matter because you can buy 30 of
    them no problem but wen you earn them you appreciate them more. Which is
    why I don’t cheat. 

  4. Am i the only person who sees that his curser thingy is pointing its middle
    finger XD

  5. Who remembers season 2 if interactive minecraft when he fell in the creeper
    catcher 2.0 thing…..I couldn’t stop laughing and that wa a my first ak
    video I saw good times 

  6. Ak look up how to get collectors edition cars it will be a easy glitch
    that will allow to buy the carbon rs (ps if you do the glitch you will have
    to get in buy calling you mechanic because the bike will not appear in your

  7. Zach, hi.

    Can you try making a series where people ask you questions in the comments
    and you reply. Not saying you don’t read our comments but it would be kinda
    cool in my opinion.

  8. Hey brother, it’s me again. Remember me? 404killer? Yeah. You played my
    level in happy wheels and know me from a few other things. How are things
    now? :D

  9. In your next episode can you get a tank on top of the maze bank building
    and have Kat drive it of while you stand on it or fall from one of your
    cars from sky limit pls!