GTA 5: “The Big One” Final Bank Heist.

GTA 5: “The Big One” Final Bank Heist.

25 Responses to GTA 5: “The Big One” Final Bank Heist.

  1. Trevor’s being a butt picking on Lester …… Leave the fucking guy alone
    …… Oh and do the mission B …. It pays better ….. If you set
    everything up right then you get like $32,000,000 for each character ……
    Oh and it fucking ends happier…… So do B 

  2. Youtube 1 u can fucking shut the up u are poor and cant buy game cause no
    cash ouuuu now, go cry to u mother cause i completed game and is true what
    means GO AWAY BITCH

  3. good game but in the bank kinda retarded the guys are the only armed ones
    and everyone else in the bank doesn’t have a thing in fact if you didn’t
    need the manager you probably could have killed him in the elevator

  4. Kronic can you delete a friend and then friend me or accept my friend
    request? Please my gamertag is MONKEY7112002