GTA 5 Top 3 Weapons Online! (GTA 5 Best Weapons Showcase)

GTA 5 Top 3 Weapons Online! (GTA 5 Best Weapons Showcase)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Top 3 Weapons Online! (GTA 5 Best Weapons Showcase)

  1. All the weapons suck. Where’s the chainsaw? Where’s the katana? Where’s the
    dildo? Where’s the flamethrower? Where’s the fire extintor? Where’s the
    double hand weapons?

  2. Assault shotgun should be third because it kilss so quickly in close to mid
    range. It’s AMAZING for cars that come to run you over.

  3. Can we get a GTA game where you play as some kind of super spy because
    being a middle aged man jumping out of a falling airplane literally makes
    no fucking sense. I am tired of playing fat european guy or Black racial
    stereotype. With GTA online we could have seen actual cool characters that
    could have the skills required to shoot down multiple helicopters, but that
    was squandered with the content creator.

  4. Fuck yeah, Carbine Rifle! Not only does it look awesome, it’s performance
    is great and I have the LSPD tint on it. You can’t go wrong with this one.

  5. i hate people who use assault shotgun especially if they put suppressors on
    it. seriously, who the fuck puts a supressor on a shotgun…. fucking no
    skill motherfuckers who dont know how to use pump action shotguns… i also
    hate rpg’s and minigun. fuckin bullshit. i dont have a problem if i die
    inside a vehicle because of an rpg but bitches who use it while im on foot?
    are u a dumbass? the minigun is just straight bullshit too

  6. #5 Combat MG
    #4 AP Pistol
    #3 Mini-Gun
    #2 Assault Shotgun
    #1 Carbine rifle (not silenced) or Bullpop Rifle (silenced) 

  7. I really like the Special Carbine (G36C) It is strong and accurate but it
    comes with a slow rate of fire.

  8. The Auto Shotgun is also a great weapon to use, however the range spoils it
    a little:/

  9. This is a list for Weapons all round, so if you’re in a TDM, or Online, the
    weapons you’ll most likely need to get the most kills, will be these.

  10. Mine would have been

    3. AP Pistol (nickname is OP Pistol)

    2. Combat Shotgun

    1. Carbine rifle or advanced rifle

    The combat MG is decent but wouldn’t even make it into my top ten weapons
    as of its accuracy defficiency :P

  11. You basically had 3 weapons in the same category which is lame. Most people
    usually have one rifle as a prefered gun.

    Here is the Ultimate list
    #1 Combat MG – You can argue but the fact is that it kills faster than
    Carbine/Special Carbine
    #2 Assault Shotgun – undisputed close range one hit kill
    #3 Heavy Sniper – who can live without it ?
    #4 RPG-7 – No GTA without it, good for both long range and close range and
    corners or heavy machinery.