GTA 5 – Top 5 Cars (Grand Theft Auto 5 “Best” Cars)

GTA 5 – Top 5 Cars (Grand Theft Auto 5 “Best” Cars)

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  1. 1. Classic Coquette (Convertible)
    2. Zentorno
    3. Sultan
    4. Felon
    5. Elegy RH8

    Added is overused. I always see people pull out the 400k apartment with a
    chrome adder. gets old.

  2. To all people wondering:
    Grosso = Lamborghini
    Pegassi = Ferrari
    Pfister = Porsche
    Entity = Koenigsegg
    Cheetah = Pagani Zonda

  3. My list 🙂 5: Pegassi Infernus (Zonda f / Lamborghini murcielago) 4: Sultan
    Rs (Subaru impreza) 3: Dewbauchee Massacro ( Aston Martin Vanquish from
    2012) 2: Benefactor Surano ( Jaguar F-type) 1: Överflöd Entity Xf (
    Koenigsegg agera r / ccx/ccxr) Ps: The brand is called överflöd cause if
    you look at the brank emblem on the cars bonnet you will se a swedish
    letter which is ö

  4. cheetah is bad, top speed you might have had a point but the handling is
    shocking, it just dont do corners

  5. I had a favorite car but I forgot what the name was :[ what’s that car with
    that one spoiler that had a word on it

  6. Khamelion is amazing. Electric with a amazing sound. When you accelerate
    from 0MPH it makes like a humming jet engine noise. Also got amazing
    handling. <3 

  7. Favorite motorbikes/cars
    1. Bati 801
    2. Carbon RS
    3. Zentorno
    4. Massacro
    5. Turismo R
    I like the bati and carbon because motorbikes are fast and cheap.
    The Zentorno is like a adder but has better handling. The adder is
    overrated. Massacro comes over turismo because the massacro is a great
    balance between sports and super cars. It is also a good drifter. The
    turismo because is is great overall and has a cheap insurance cost.

  8. The one with COIL written all over the back is my favourite 🙂 Crazy fast
    and handling exeptionally good from the start.;)

  9. Where talking about gta 5 here we like the load mussle and sport not
    electric cars like voltic but its still a good car

  10. Zentorno and adder=ugly ass cars sometimes ppl actually have cool paint
    jobs on the zentorno…. sometimes