25 Responses to GTA 5: TOP 5 DRIFTING CARS

  1. I don’t know if it’s the cars that are shit at drifting or you are shit at


  2. Seems to me, all these people commenting are pro drifters! Funny that, i
    play the game most days and struggle to find a decent driver that can keep
    up! It’s all good and well criticising this guys video, but untill you show
    up on GTA with mad skills, keep your shady comments to yourself. Feel free
    to find me and challenge me, Sworn-Villain

  3. currently I drifted with Futo+slippery car cheat at LS Harbour, and pretty
    much that’s a hell a lot of fun!! :)

  4. 1: I think its called Benefactor Schwartzer
    2: Karin Futo
    3: Ruiner
    4: Pfister Comet
    5:.. uuuhmm… no clue.

  5. Actually the best drift vehicles in the game would be the long trucks, the
    mule Benson and pounder. Yes they’re slow but drifting ain’t about speed.
    The trick to getting them to drift is to pop the rear tires, effectively
    doing the opposite of a real drift car and reducing traction in the back,
    but pop the tires and be rented with the controls and you’ll find that they
    can actually complete drifts if you practice for a while. Yes any car will
    work with the rear tires popped, but I recommend the long trucks because
    the length gives you a lot of assist and it’s easy for even beginners to
    Happy drifting! 

  6. I think it’s the driver not the car at sometimes but I would have all these
    cars cause they look nice to race in with . 

  7. Wtf happened to the surano and the banshee? They are great drifting cars if
    you know what you’re doing!
    And the carbonizzare/Ferrari…

  8. Benefactor swqartzer best drift car by far once you do the lowering glitch
    its a beast

  9. Sports cars arent good for drifting if you know how to drift, your not
    trying to go 100k when you drift you want to stay at slower speeds
    1. Futo
    2. Shwartzer
    3. Slam van
    4. Vigero
    5. Ruiner

  10. im not bragging but i drift better with a technique by shooting the middle
    of your wheels i recommend using smg to shoot the middle then do it 2x
    (note dont put bulletproof tyres)