GTA 5 – Top 5 Modified Cars!! (GTA V Custom Cars)

GTA 5 – Top 5 Modified Cars!! (GTA V Custom Cars)

25 Responses to GTA 5 – Top 5 Modified Cars!! (GTA V Custom Cars)

  1. I hate when you clowns talk about cars in this game and you don’t even know
    what car it’s based/inspired from. It makes me sad that so few people these
    days know their stuff about automobiles.

  2. You’re all forgetting the Elegy RH8 (Nissan GT-R) Has so many accessories
    to customize. And it use to be free! I know everyone got burnt out on it
    when the game first came out because it was free to own, but you can’t
    leave it out.

  3. First: in my opinion Franklin’s motorcycle is very good looking in chrome

    Second: I think smooth spoilers look better then flat huge ones

    Third: number one was really good, thanks

  4. Just one thing: the phoenix doesn’t need an intake, look at the irl
    version, but is the only musclecar that is nice with a spoiler. Also, never
    colour the rims of a muscle car

  5. Fuck me you southerners have annoying fucking voices!!!! Nice video though
    keep up the good work…best car in gta is the elegy end of!!!

  6. I wold of totally over looked the tornado but now I know u can do all that
    next time I see it I will get it for sure thanks for all the great videos 

  7. uhhhhh…. thank you for 3&4 but… i had a tornado in green, thought i
    liked the look but decided it looks like an old bucket and is so low on
    stats.. but hey thats your flavor:). were those stats all max? 3&4 have
    high top speed and handling but lower accel. i guess at that max speed
    slower gunning is better, hm… personally i love carbonizarre. so fast for
    being sport.


    any idea of a vehicle stats/performance mods guide? for example what type
    of wheels are best on each type for general use, if your accel is maxed
    before turbo is it actually beneficial to get it?. if anyone knows of one
    id be extremely grateful. hunting for one now. kik:krynosjr.