GTA 5 “Top Five” Guns & Weapons DLC Wishlist – GTA 5 DLC Guns! (GTA V)

GTA 5 “Top Five” Guns & Weapons DLC Wishlist – GTA 5 DLC Guns! (GTA V)

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  1. what if r* put throwing knifes and you have auto-aim and u can have 5
    throwing knifes And u can actually throw them at people

  2. I’d like to see a movie weapon dlc were I’d like to see the shield cannon
    and the sword of judgement from transformers 4 and they would be able to
    use them at the same time and to switch between them you would press left
    on the d-pad 

  3. I hate phrase such as “it should be easy for them to add this in the game”
    because we are not game developers and we don’t know what is capable of
    adding to the game or what it takes. Especially on these old consoles. And
    i think it is unfair to Rockstar and as it could set standards that are
    impossible to reach.

  4. Ok why does know one want a Revolver, if you have noticed there is not a
    single bloody Revolver in GTA 5, also if you are a fan of Cowboys and Red
    Dead like alot of people, you would know that the servers for Red Dead are
    completely messed up by hacks so Rockstar could add one in for a sorry kind
    of thing for losing one of there most popular games. Also Red Dead is
    hinted time to time in little Easter eggs, one massive example of Red Dead
    Easter eggs is being able to choose John Marston as a Grand Farther…know
    one was expecting it but the did it. Rockstar added in a God dam Musket for
    bloody sake i think they could add ONE Revolver at least.

  5. Mines would be a revolver, a desert eagle,semi auto sniper rifle, m16
    assault rifle, double barrel shotgun, throwing knives, vector from mw2, a
    wooden hunting rifle, an axe, and a stinger rocket launcher

  6. Chainsaw, flame-thrower, katana, brass knuckles, fireman’s axe, colt python
    (revolver), hockey stick, meat cleaver & machete.

  7. Benelli M4 super 90 shotgun
    Sig Sauer P226
    M200 Intervention
    Smoke grenades

  8. All they would need to do to implement the explosive shotgun is add
    explosive rounds to ammunation to the assault shotgun and make the
    explosive rounds more expensive to balance it.

  9. Alright, you asked for the comment :). A flamethrower would be a nice thing
    to have. I agree on that. Next one was the katana. I kinda don’t like where
    weapon dlc is going. We get stupid and useless weapons like the classic
    pistol or the cavalry dagger (which is the better of the two) and a katana
    would also be a nice thing to have but imagine you try to slice someone up
    and run towards him. Any normal player would pull out a firearm and gun you
    down so when it comes to melee weapons i think we have enough of them. The
    shotgun from tbogt is a combination of the grenade launcher and the assault
    shotgun so it is kinda unnecessary and also i think it’s a bit overpowered
    for multiplayer. The next thing was the semiautomatic sniper. The heavy
    sniper rifle actually is semiautomatic. For some reason there is a
    repeating sound but as far as i know that has no effect. And finally the
    burst fire assault rifle. I think that there should just be a modification
    to all the assault rifles that makes it possible to switch the fire mode or
    just a modification that sets the fire mode to single or burst. Personally
    the only weapons I wish for are a Scar-L/H (aka mk17/16) look a like and a
    m200 style sniper rifle.
    Sorry for the text bomb. Keep up the good wirk mrboss

  10. MP7
    .44 magnum
    Bushmaster ACR
    Ability to choose which sight will go on your gun (Holographic, open red
    dot, closed red dot, magnification, etc)
    Ability to choose reticle color on sight
    Laser pointer for gun (red or green)
    Night vision goggles
    Select fire capability