GTA 5: Trevor Takes on the Army [Rampage 4 – Gold]

GTA 5: Trevor Takes on the Army [Rampage 4 – Gold]

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  1. This mission’s a shout out to anyone who’s ever had a beef with every
    American soldier, marine, airman, sailor, and/or guardsman who was overly
    vindictive and quick to demonize anyone they disagree with or feel
    threatened by, as well as those who were overly-conformist, bible-thumping,
    stem-cell research opposing, affirmative action despising, abortion hating,
    Bush Jr. era deficit loving, xenophobic, jar-heads, who you’d call willing
    participants in the military-industrial-complex. (*Note: this
    neo-conservative stereotype may not be limited to EVERY soldier you know.)

    Had I known you could get the headshots THAT way, I wouldn’t have had to
    deal with so much frustration. Oh well…

  2. Trevor makes me really happy to be canadian. Like GTA 5. America finally
    didnt just joke about canada,

  3. So I’ve passed all the Rampages & now I’ve been trying to continue to the
    next mission but I don’t know how, it doesn’t show any mission .-. someone
    tell me xD

  4. The slight sound of a guitar making noise can’t describe it but when you
    hear it it means a headshot has been made

  5. To be honest, I didn’t notice Trevor’s Accent until it was pointed out.
    Even then I can’t hear it.