GTA 5 – Ultimate Car Test: Sultan RS

GTA 5 – Ultimate Car Test: Sultan RS

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  1. Just a heads up dudes. The Sultan RS is a mix of the Toyota Altezza RS200
    (front and engine setup inline 6) and a Mitsubishi EVO 5 (Rear) .It isnt a
    “Subaru impreza” It can also be argued the frount is based on a lexus
    IS250-300 as its essensialy the same car as the toyota altezza.

  2. For me the SULTAN RS looks like a mix of :
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo,
    Subaru WRX,
    Honda Civic (4 door).
    Great car i have 4 of them all in black.

  3. I want the sultan rs from gta 4 the car was perfect and i can’t have it in
    gta v so sad 🙁 .

  4. so many dumb kids saying “its a subaru”… IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE A SUBARU.
    they only say that because it sounded like one in GTA 4 and spawned in the
    dirt lol….. ITS A LEXUS IS. Look it up…

  5. thats one of the best car in the game btw im still awesome drifting in gta
    sa samp with mine sultan with skin mod for mitsubishi lancer evo x

  6. attention all units, we have a fool who thinks this is the fast and the
    furious, engage pursuit

  7. Got me one and i love this little car it a blast to drive it’s quick for
    end and out and it will out run the cops in stock form….but i full
    upgrade so it Blitz