GTA 5 Update – NEW Lester & Lamar Missions, Heist DLC, Daily Cash Challenges & More! (GTA 5 DLC)

GTA 5 Update – NEW Lester & Lamar Missions, Heist DLC, Daily Cash Challenges & More! (GTA 5 DLC)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Update – NEW Lester & Lamar Missions, Heist DLC, Daily Cash Challenges & More! (GTA 5 DLC)

  1. GTA 5 Online Update!

    Check out the NEW DLC We’re Getting with the Heist DLC!

  2. Yes yes yes I’ve been waiting since January 2014 for this Freddy mate your
    the best GTA 5 YouTube ever you have given all your veiwers all of this
    content to look forward to keep at what your doing

  3. Finally thanks ROCKSTAR for this amazing thing you guys are awesome and you
    Nought you know you are good thanks Rockstar and Nought

  4. It’s my brothers birthday on March 10th… Heists or brothers birthday,
    definitely heists. Sorry bro 

  5. Hey guys I would really like to bring an issue on next gen gta to light
    anyone who has played on 360 or ps3 knows most of the fences around the map
    you could either blow up or drive through them and at the airport you could
    drive through certain areas if the fence which provided extra and easier
    ways into the airport however almost all the fences on next-gen are
    indestructible so because of this people have made a posts on the RGSC in
    the hopes that it will get enough comments and votes that the devs will
    become aware of this issue and fix it.

    All you have to do is click the link sign in comment +1 and hit the up
    arrow on the actual post I do not gain anything from this Im just a member
    of the gta community that also wants this issue fixed. 

  6. Great more reasons for AIs to call you at the exact moment your getting
    shot at 😉 wish I could delete half the contacts so Ron didn’t call me ever
    few minutes

  7. Can we like not have any more money glitches. RockStar didn’t have to give
    us heist. And they didn’t have to give us this DLC. We shouldn’t take
    advantage of the glitches. This is our privilege to have Heists. We
    shouldn’t disappoint Rockstar!!!

  8. I think it would be better for you to upload earlier, because other
    youtubers already posted this same stuff like four hours ago…I like your
    vids but there’ s no point in watching the same thing twice. Just some
    constructive criticism.

  9. on March 9th is my Birthday and the 10th DLC will come out, I guess the DLC
    would be my birthday present

  10. They should have a gamemode called home alone. 2 players must stay inside
    of a house (has to be really big) or something else that’s really big and
    are only armed with limited explosives and no guns. The rest will be the
    armed robbers with tons of weapons and no explosives. All players have 1
    life. Inside of the house, the 2 players can find explosives and and maybe
    pistol only for the 2 players. For the armed robbers, they only have their
    weapons and cannot pick up anything. This would be really cool

  11. All that and y’all come play with me on xbox one and 360 gamertag is KEIFER
    BRINKEY and my crew is West Rome Kings

  12. Like my comment if u think heists are coming on March 10th, reply if u
    think otherwise and say why!

  13. Been as though trucks are in races now vs bikes will we be able to upgrade
    truck cabs cuz they said new customisation options so maybe i fucking hope
    so lol

  14. Thank you for uploading daily and consistently all on my favourite gta v
    You are my most watched channel and therefore at the top of my recommended
    list, keep doing what you’re doing and I hope you don’t stop