GTA Online Heists & GTA 5 DLC News Round-up – Hot Topic #1

GTA Online Heists & GTA 5 DLC News Round-up – Hot Topic #1

24 Responses to GTA Online Heists & GTA 5 DLC News Round-up – Hot Topic #1

  1. Maybe the Zombie DLC with Michael probably has to do with the fact that
    he’s part of the movie making industry in the game.

  2. I’d love to see the ability to sell clothes. I have so much shit I don’t
    want in my wardrobe. I’d also like to see mansions.

  3. Interesting how each character will get their own dlc… I hope that we
    maybe get another area to explore, but I doubt that since no other rockstar
    game has had a new area as dlc.

  4. I’m hoping for the return of the Skimmer. A plane that can land on water
    modeled after the Mammatus that’s already in the game. Maybe you could have
    two people hang of the side of the plane similarly to the Granger or
    Roosevelt land vehicles already in the game.

  5. hey heres breaking news that came out 7 months ago but no one has ever
    talked about this and this comes right from the part of my brain thats
    called common sense. R* is going to come out with heists ONLY FOR THE XBOX1
    AND PS4 and will NOT be on xbox 360 and ps3

  6. I like this guy’s voice. It’s real relaxing. But yeah, reason why they are
    delayed is cause of exploiting and modding. They wanna make sure this
    heists are exploits free so people won’t take advantage. And cause of all
    the modding that people do. Rockstar sees their game is still not ready to
    insert heists. So it is modder’s fault they have been delayed.

  7. I’m sick of these impatient kids saying they ”hate” rockstar for not
    releasing the dlc. It will come out whenever rockstar is ready,and not
    knowing is part of the fun. I would rather rstar to take their time with
    the dlc’s and make them fun rather than rushing them and then turning out

  8. what about an N2O with hydraulics and making own car Livery like in
    midnight club LA as a DLC ??? what do u guys think ??

  9. I want to see a police DLC. Not like in the older games where you get a cop
    car, press a button, then go and kill random thugs. Something more
    organized like in GTA 4, where you have to mark the location of criminals
    on your radar, then go after them, and can call in backup if you need it.
    And it would also just be great to be able to keep police vehicles in our
    garages, like the Riot Van.

  10. I’m still waiting for a GTA game or a DLC with a female protagonist. It’s
    long overdue! Maybe they’ll do it in a Red Dead game?

  11. The sniper os already in the game but the bullpup grenade laucher it isnt
    and the plane it is the in fact the dodo seaplane. (Yes, I know that this
    video was done long time ago) I just wanted to clear it up hopefully they
    add the bullpup grenade launcher in a future update.