GTA V | 4K Graphics Comparison | Part 2 | PC / PS4 / PS3

GTA V | 4K Graphics Comparison | Part 2 | PC / PS4 / PS3

25 Responses to GTA V | 4K Graphics Comparison | Part 2 | PC / PS4 / PS3

  1. Seeing this makes me feel like all the delaying is worth the wait. Thank
    you for finally appreciating the PC platform, Rockstar, you bastards.

  2. I see a better texture and a better view of LOD. Aaand – nothing!
    Sorry but this is not good – its not ok! PC gamers are waiting one year
    more than console gamers – and they have to wait because they moved the
    release two times again. The result is a better lod and texture – THANKS.
    If you compare the vegetation with other games – hooly – what a mud! Watch
    dogs looks incredible nice compared to gta 5 pc. But we will wait for the
    gameplay. Thats the most important thing to such type of games. Watch dogs
    was here pretty bad. But for the long long waiting Time – i thougt we could
    expect a visually up to date graphics – NOT!

  3. Only as good as the system that powers it, if you want to spend upwards of
    £800 (or what ever the equivalent monopoly money is worth), on a PC to have
    clearer graphics thats your money. XB1 and PS4 graphics are damn fine for

    But anyway, when did graphics overtake gameplay?

  4. Normally these comparison video’s don’t really show that much difference
    it’s usually in finer details. But looking at this I can’t believe how good
    this looks. 

  5. The screenshots show the changes in detail based on what system it’s on,
    but I hope that for the pc, they add some distance blurring. Because making
    everything in perfect focus, makes it less realistic. That’s where the
    lower systems seem to have a slight edge in some of those screenshots.

  6. I can’t tell the difference between any of them (watching in 240p on a
    small screen)

    EDIT: It was a joke. That’s why I said 240p on a small screen. It seems I
    didn’t make it clear enough.

  7. The Pc looks good, but nothing I didn’t already expect. Honestly I think
    I’ll stick with PS4 version seeing as its close enough compared to Pc.
    Never was into the PC hype that much either, which it seems like many
    people are which is cool. I just thought that in the year 2015 where almost
    everyone else is playing on consoles, that it would make PC almost
    irrelevant in gaming, but I suppose graphics being a tiny bit better make
    that much of a difference to nerds atleast. Honestly to me its all 1 in the
    same bullshit, as its just a game we all love. Only difference in graphics
    to me is that PC has motion blur turned down, where as PS4 in this
    comparison has them set up high.

  8. Yeah.. big TV from more than 3m, and small monitor from more than 3cm 😉
    PS4 399$, and PC who can run GTA V on ultra( 1080p and maybe 60fps ) more
    than 1500$. PS4 real photo, PC fake photo 4K less to 1080p 

  9. Cause youtube comparisons from an unreliable source that could have easily
    doctored the images for their own benefit is a good way to judge, um ok.

  10. and it will even look better with mods. Can’t wait to see what the PC
    community can do with this game.

  11. 1:32 all the missing detail (Field foliage) on the PS4 version only shows
    up when you get close

  12. Even though I’m getting the PC ver. I’m still impressed by the PS3/360 ver.
    when I play. I don’t know what black magic allows for such improvement from
    2008’s IV to now but its amazing to see. My eyes will probably melt when VI
    comes out for PC.

  13. Officially released polished screenshots vs PS4 captured gameplay? It’s not
    really a fair fight.