GTA V | 4K Graphics Comparison | PC / PS4 / PS3

GTA V | 4K Graphics Comparison | PC / PS4 / PS3

25 Responses to GTA V | 4K Graphics Comparison | PC / PS4 / PS3

  1. It looks too detailed for me. I’ll go with the Ps3 version, Consoles are
    More comfoRtable to play. 

  2. PS3/Xbox360 = Alpha
    PS4/XboxOne = Beta
    PC = Full game

    Thanks for beta testing for us *peasants*

  3. This is absolutely FAKE. What’s my evidence? the van burning was at first
    burning from the bottom, THEN burning the whole car so he just optimised
    the image so that he could just ruin PS4’s image!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That isn’t PS4 graphics.. this video is just another BS

    wait for your game to come out and then we will see

  5. PC knocks the socks off of console but whats one of the true gamer
    “commandments” – ‘graphics DON’T make a game’. The detail is amazing, still
    doesn’t add much enjoyment to a game. Its just as great on PS4 than it is
    on PS3 and PC. And i don’t own this on PS4 i still play on PS3. Guess i
    should get ready for everyone calling me a “peasent” its not that deep its
    just a game

  6. They all look great. I’m amazed of how great the ps3 looks. The ps4 is
    still good but the PC = omg @[email protected]

    In the end, they all look great. No version is superior to the other and
    plus its just a video game nothing much. 🙂 

  7. will this work on my cheesecake?

    my specs:
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  8. I don’t care what you PCMASTERNERDS have to say about consoles, consoles
    are more comfortable to play with, as well as being able to play AC Unity
    *cough* But I hope you nerds, geeks, and dorks enjoy your mods. GTA will
    always be known as a console game #playstation4life

  9. Hopefully it’s optimized well so I can play it on my r9 280 and amd 8320,
    and 8gb of ram 

  10. I just hope that the PC graphics aren’t pre-rendered….

    Even if they are, mods will fix that. Praise GabeN!

  11. LOL! I want to see all the Ps4 and xbox one butt hurt fan fags comments
    saying that their consoles are better than pc! LMAO

  12. Ok kinda need someone to let me know if the pc I’m thinking of getting is
    ok for gaming. Don’t know much about pc specs and to tell the truth
    whatever game I play on it I’m going use a controller for. Not good with a
    mouse and keyboard. Well anyways here are the specs.

    High Spec Liquid Cooled Gaming PC ($1,239.21) (Professionally built)

    *Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset ($129.99)

    *Logitech Keyboard/Mouse Combo ($39.99)

    *Logitech HD Webcam ($59.99)
    *Asus Wireless Card (For wifi) ($49.99)
    *Windows 8 or Windows 7 ($240.99)

    PC Specs
    2TB HDD (Western Digital)
    Patriot Viper 3 Clocked @ 1600MHz (8GB memory)
    AMD FX 6300 CPU ( 6 Core Processor @ 3.5GHz)
    Coolermaster Seidon 240M Liquid CPU Cooler
    Gigabyte Windforce GTX 660 GPU
    MSI 970A-G43 Gaming Motherboard

  13. I love how PC gamers think they’re God or something because they can play
    games in 4K. It’s funny how they make fun of console gamers just so they
    can feel better about themselves, pathetic lmfao. I really don’t give two
    shits about graphics because I’m not some graphic whore who masturbates to
    grass textures and prays to some fat guy who created Half Life.

    *(Before you come and call me a console peasant I own a PC so you can take
    that shit somewhere else because It’ll do you no good lmfao)*

  14. I’m predicting at least 2 million illegal downloads for PC version the
    first week; what about you guys?

  15. Nice graphics for PC, but too bad GTA 5 will keep on getting delayed for
    PC! Haha have fun watching videos of us console gamers playing the heists,
    fuckin PC cunts. #pcisfornerds

  16. You are forgetting, this is not taking advantage of the 4K that the game
    will offer to PC players, as your monitor isn’t 4K, nor is this video, and
    to be honest, I doubt the screenshots are. Also, this is before MODDERS get
    a hold of the game, once MODDERS have made a graphical enhancement MOD for
    GTA 5 think of how good it will look in 4K, with these graphics MODS.

  17. I am disappointed. I am unable to get this game although many of my friends
    are. My parents chose not to because of “Abuse to Women” and “Prostitution”
    which BTW am not interested in. Yes I am underage and I know that’s why
    they won’t let me get it. I am turning 15 in about 10 days. I have played
    it at my friends houses and they said it’s fine for me to so so. I don’t
    get it. Now some of you may be thinking I’m immature and stupid and blah
    blah blah hate, and I agree, but I am annoyed from the sake that all my
    friends will be having fun together while I can really play with them
    because I will be on a different game to them. My parents have said they
    will not change their mind, which annoys me even more. sighs. I don’t know
    what to do. I am a PC Gamer, and don’t start a console or platform war
    please. I even have the money… I will miss having fun.