GTA V (5) – All Hidden Packages Locations – Easy $150,000+!

GTA V (5) – All Hidden Packages Locations – Easy 0,000+!

25 Responses to GTA V (5) – All Hidden Packages Locations – Easy $150,000+!

  1. I was only able to collect the one on top of that submarine under the water
    and the drug deal gone bad one (which was supposed to be worth $25,000 but
    I only got like around $6000 for it… ) all others didn’t show up. Am I
    supposed to save the game then reload it for the next location’s package to
    show up? Or can I go collect them consecutively? Or are they no longer
    available to collect for some reason? I hope they are cuz these packages
    would help me out a lot :/

  2. this guy should change to another character and swich back to franklin and
    franklin will be still under water and have all of his breath back and the
    money will resporn and u can keep doing it and keep collecting the money at
    the same spot

  3. thnx for the vid and rockstar didnt delete them i found out some xboxes
    dont let you collect them why idk????

  4. here is the god mode cheat: RIGHT A RIGHT LEFT RIGHT RB RIGHT LEFT A Y if
    you type in this cheat you will not drown for 5 minutes

  5. How do and where do you get scuba gear because none of the scuba gear
    viedos help and is this online 

  6. Next time u make a vid of this kind can u pls keep a proximity order of
    where the packages are? 1 through 3 is good, but then u got me swinging to
    the opposite side of the map for 4. And then u switched back to the eat
    side! Wtf!! Good locations tho

  7. number 8 is not there ? dont know but seems the seaweed is different too
    not same spot but same spot on the map ? 

  8. great, number 11 is not there, guess they are all still removed for ps4.
    ludicrous for rs to do such a thing. if people want to ruin the game for
    themselves, let them. people that play legit shouldnt have to pay the

  9. The first one on the video isn’t even there I have gone round the whole
    plane debris and there is no tail wing