GTA V Car Show Competition!

GTA V Car Show Competition!

25 Responses to GTA V Car Show Competition!

  1. This was our first car show – we learned a lot and will try again. We’ll
    even have rules next time. It’ll be amazing. 

  2. If anyone wants to join a street racing/street fighting gang hit me up on
    xbox 360 GT: Shiifteh

    It’s an extremely active crew and we are keen to get some more numbers in
    order to srsly fuck shit up on the streets. If this sounds like your kinda
    crew, feel more than free to ask for an invite.

  3. At 21:48 trylers Jester started flying around and glitch ing like crazy or
    was that just me??!?!?

  4. If anyone is interested on doing a car show on xbox360 send me a message at
    Coolman76O or RUGER77MM. This will be held on December 30, 2014. Send me a
    message with more details if YOU are interested in this.

  5. I have a gta 5 car show every day on PS3 version of this game if you have a
    headset and a beast car my psn name is bigvondy99 add me for a chance to
    win 15k on gta online 

  6. did anyone else think that epic rapidz first car looked like Michael angelo
    from teenage muntant ninja turtles?