GTA V Online – How to make an Army Outfit

GTA V Online – How to make an Army Outfit

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  1. An ash tucked instead of the t shirt works better for dessert and if anyone
    wants to join my pmc crew message me on xbox this is my gamertag have a
    good one

  2. I have one thats better.
    1) desert cap
    2)super heavy armor
    3)white or black tucked in shirt.( in the shirt category of tops.
    4) i prefer black cargo pants
    5) black boots.
    6) aviators
    7)Black watch.
    optional. parachute 

  3. My personal favorite load out:

    Black tucked in shirt
    Black cargo pants
    Black army canvas hat
    Black armor
    Black work boots
    Orange gun range glasses
    Black LED watch

  4. My Personal favorite Military look

    Black vest
    Black band vest shirt or Charcoal vest shirt
    Black cargo pants or Black camo cargo pants
    All Black canvas shoes or black boots
    Standard armor
    and a Black scarf

  5. My favourite
    Black top
    Cargo pants black
    Boots black (2nd ones down)
    Blue silver tint aviators
    Standard armor

  6. if you guys haven’t unlocked the woodland cargo pants you can use the camo
    sweatpants 🙂 it doesn’t look as good as the cargo pants but it still looks

  7. I have pretty funny out fit here it is

    Grey bear mask, cheapest body armor grey plaid tucked shirt, urban camo
    cargo pants three way boots ( they are white with black on top) there ya

  8. 1 Desert Cap
    2 brown shirt
    3 urban cargo pants
    4 black work boots
    5 black cop frames

    This is a good army outfit

  9. I did my take on the Russian spetznaz outfit from cod mw2 (No I’m not a cod
    fanboy I just like the way it looks)

    Required clothes:

    1) black skull mask
    2) black scarf
    3) white splatter hoodie
    4) charcoal or black t shirt
    5) woodland camo cargo pants I do believe (they should be baggy woodland
    camo pants with a lot of pockets, I’m just trying to give a description in
    case there is confusion)
    6) black body armor
    7) black work boots

    There you go! Have fun with it. 

  10. My army outfit: Desert cap
    Aviators (optional)
    Brown-ish tan T shirt
    Camo Armor (optional)
    Camo cargo pants
    Tan boots
    And to finish it off you should use the carbine
    rifle plus a merryweather jeep or something. Do this and you look quite a
    lot like the guys in the base when they have just the t-shirts on with the
    cargo pants. USe the blind eye to get into the base and get a jet if you
    want. This will be useful along with the flight suit in the new dlc. Hope I
    helped :)

  11. I like to wear beige boots, gray work pants, steel shirt untucked, gray
    open face helmet and super light armor because it looks like the actual ACU
    uniform in the game plus when im in combat i wear a vest and helmet not a
    vest and hat

  12. I have a pretty good one comment if u like
    1.go into shirts its the 3rd shirt down cant think of the name it like tan
    2.put on a gray scarf
    3.go put on tundra cargo pants
    4.then put on black boots
    5.put the super heavy armor on
    6.then put the canvas hat that matches it I can’t think of name
    7.u can use the carbine rifle or special carbine with military camo or use
    a lmg (optional)
    8.get a 6×6 and make it the primary dark earth in matte then put matte
    black for the secondary and then off road wheel on and dark

  13. Marine expeditionary force: tundra climate.
    Tan bulletp helmet
    Yellow or orange guns glasses
    White scarf
    Super heavy armor
    Full heavy tundra outfit
    Desert camo parachute equipped
    And m39 emr or m249 machine gun- no mods. Standards and protocols-
    superiors would yell at you if you spray painted your gun pink, and
    probably kick your ass til you were straight again too. (Should)
    There you”re ready for combat… People thought I was kidding when I showed
    this off In lobby’s.
    Real bad asses ride around in the crusader while rocking this outfit.