Instant Billlionaire Stock Market Glitch with Lifeinvader on Grand Theft Auto V PS4 GTA5

Instant Billlionaire Stock Market Glitch with Lifeinvader on Grand Theft Auto V PS4 GTA5

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  1. +Payback87 yes at anytime after the life invader mission you can do this
    exploit, i made so much money from this exploit i have 3 billion in stocks
    for Michael that i can’t sell as it’s too much XD.

  2. it seems to work at any time in the game on the stock with the worst
    negative return… and sometimes you don’t have to save or switch characters
    steps: LCN stocks
    2. sort by % change
    3. invest in worst negative % return
    4. instantly sell (ignore the % return, even if it says you lost money,
    made money, or still says 0, it’s wrong)
    5. ????
    6. profit

    doing this should give you between 500-1000% profit

  3. At first, I thought I was doing this wrong because either I got the same
    amount or lost money when I sold the stock. I realized what I was doing
    wrong. When you sell the stock, DO NOT click on the Sell All button.
    Highlight the LifeInvader line of info and click on that. Then click the
    Sell button, and then finally, the Sell All button.

    You don’t have to save the game each time you switch guys. You can just
    bounce back and forth between them.

  4. awesome exploit. thanks for the tip. everyone take advantage of this while
    you can, you know a patch is probably coming soon. 

  5. This does still work on PS4. You don’t have to be at a certain point in the
    storyline you can do it at any time. Once you hit 2,147,xxx,xxx you can’t
    gain anymore money. I suppose that is the max amount. I have over 5 billion
    invested on the bawsaq stock market with the belter stock. Just spend the
    max 2 billion on a dynamic stock an continue the process if you are feeling
    greedy lol

  6. What if you use this, build up a lot of money, then do the heists? When
    you’ve done the final one, and then start putting money into the stock
    market, do you end up going over the “limit” of money – and thus ending up
    in the negative? Or just it just cut off at the limit?

  7. After the new patch it wont work anymore but it can still be done. It can
    take some time because of installing the game but you will be filthy rich
    :D. For PS4 just delete the whole game (make sure you backup save) and
    install it again without the patches. Load your save and do your thing.
    Make sure you disconnect the console or the path will download. Install
    patch after you done and happy shopping time.

    This glitch cant be patched.

  8. This definitely works… my game data was already patched, but there is
    still a way…

    1. Create app data back up on usb (just in case something went wrong…you
    do not have to remove your file from your system)
    2. Delete the 50gb of gta5 guts from system
    3. Turn off Internet access
    4. Re install disc
    5. Make billions (no more than 2.1)
    6. SAVE!!!!
    7. I saved frequently and made a few different saves
    8. Re install updates and patches
    9. Enjoy your loot

    This can be done anytime after life invader assassination and can be done
    indefinitely because this glitch is on the hard copy of gta. just don’t
    erase your save data.

  9. Just did this yesterday, works great. way after the merryweather job, I
    had to delete the game, as I had the patch that fixed it, was not
    able to do it.
    So saved my game data to usb just in case not to lose it.
    Deleted game, Put PS4 off line in settings,
    re-installed the game, my game data (all my saves) was still
    available in PS4. Started doing it, was a bit mixed up at first, using
    the lifeinvader stock, went up real fast. 500,000,000 approx become
    got messed up a bit if I went over the 2,100 billion mark. within
    an hour all was done
    I was going back and forth between all 3,
    but no need to, just buy then sell, buy again.
    They all have 1,8 billion, (left some space for the heists to come)
    bought every plane, helicopter, garage, tank, hangar, golf course,
    ect. also have about 5 billion in stock with each character,
    which I will never need though.
    I did it the assasination way before on the PS3, but was a lot
    longer, having to check the stocks, sleep, then check again.
    I am glad as my PS3 died, and had everything unlocked was at 90
    some percent done, not sure what else was missing to complete, a few
    side missions I guess. Now I can just breeze though for the fun of
    it, with lots of guns cars planes, ect

  10. When i switch the character,and i try to sell ticket they say “You can
    purchase stocks from the Marketing Page” Just i dont have stocks at the
    other nigga 

  11. I get the feeling the answer is no, but will this work on the PS3 as well?
    I don’t have the PS4 version. Thanks!!!

  12. I watched this video quite a few times and followed the introductions
    given…but still no success for me. What am I doing wrong? I read
    somewhere in the comments that this glitch only applies to the old-gen. Is
    that true? I’m playing the game (story mode) on PS4 (New-gen). PLEASE help

  13. Why does my money keep going back to what I previosly had after
    accumilating 1 billion? For example when I used Franklin I started with
    $550.00 then agter I used the LifeInvader trick I do it up to a billion
    dollars but after I’m done playing I save the game and when I come back to
    the game later on Franklin only had $550.00 again???