Investigating The Yacht In GTA 5 Online!!! (Heist Prep)

Investigating The Yacht In GTA 5 Online!!! (Heist Prep)

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  1. hey nick!!! you should do a “best of british fh2 top gear challenge” or
    best british classics

  2. My heist crew is pretty amazing, me (a level 89) and my three friends,
    level 83 level 109, and level 129. What’s more? None of us glitches our

  3. Hey Nick, the answer to the question is yes, it is theorized that what
    individuals perceive as colors varies from person to person. Check out the
    channel Vsauce, a while back they did a video on it. 

  4. Nick the reason it looks like there was a party because if you remember you
    go and crash the party as Michael and Michael’s daughter was there 

  5. You can’t describe colours? Dafaq you dumb? Orange: A vibrant hot colour
    usually associated with a fruit It is bright and a fresh clean colour.

  6. “Red is, it’s in your face. It gets your attention. Fire is red, and stuff
    like that’s red. Red also sort of pops out at you and grabs you. We make
    fire engines red, because we want people to notice them. We make logos on
    chip bags red when we want people to notice them. It stands out a lot.”

  7. Btw that yacht is from one of the michels missions when he has to get his
    daughter from the porno shoot 

  8. What if my pink was your yellow? The sky is blue, but my blue could be your
    red? What if the sky that is blue, was actually my red in your eyes but in
    my eyes, my blue is your yellow? That would mean the sky is my blue for me
    but my yellow for you? that’s what everyone is told; the sky is blue.

    Yeah, mind fuck. 

  9. There actually is only one. It’s dependent on how your retinas see color
    and light. And the sensitivity of your eyes…its kind of a piss off
    tho..I’m now starting to think my cats purple and my dogs green. :p

  10. Hey why dont you play Test Drive Unlimited two that has the Yacht in it and
    the servers are still up and some people still play it