25 Responses to LIZARD SQUAD ARRESTED BY FBI (GTA 5 Online Gameplay)

  1. I think you should go to jail if you DDos A Multi Millionaire Company, but
    if you messed with a guy you met on fifas internet, no not realy

  2. microsoft deos give us free games with gold membership but i want some free
    microsoft points

  3. Cybercrime is crime too, and if they go to prison they wont get their
    attention and we will forget them very fast. Hopefully.

  4. microsoft was a lot more secure than sony lizard squad even said that sony
    is easier to attack

  5. I feel that the entire group should face charges for what they did. They
    caused mass disruption to two national companies causing them both a large
    financial loss. They knew what they were getting into and they should be
    punished to the fullest extent of the law. What they did was disgusting,
    and provocative. Nobody who does this should be let off easily.

  6. I know this has absolutely NOTHING to do with the video, but do you guys
    think they should add a comment bell thing to mobile YouTube like they did
    on PC? I’ve had my PC in a box since my move a few days ago and I have a
    lot of notifications going through my emails that I can’t respond to on a
    mobile device. 

  7. Dom in my country if you getting ddos you are aloud to ddos them back:)
    it’s legal to:) if anyone ddos’s you where I’m from it’s legal to ddos them
    back:) it’s for protection purposes only though:) and it’s not bullshit I’m
    from the UK:) 

  8. The lizard squad hacking PSN and XBOX is nothing serious to be honest if
    your going to make a big deal about how you can’t play online for at least
    3 days you need to go outside. Its not like every game requires online
    multiplayer and yes I do play xbox and I did get It for Christmas but you
    dont see me making a big deal well that’s just me. The point is that yes
    they did do illegal stuff but come on just not letting a kid play online
    for a couple of days is no harm the kid probably needs to go outside and
    make friends.

  9. You do realize that PSN for 5 days = $0.70 right? Why the fuck is everyone
    praising them for this “gracious” compensation. I’ve even heard people
    saying that Sony doesn’t even have to compensate them!!! Wtf!?

    Microsoft should definitely compensate us asap, there is no reason not to.
    For the first time XBL was actually down for a good amount of the day on

    Lizard Squad deserves this punishment, or more. They need to be an example
    that these things are NOT OK. All these attacks and no justice. They need
    to be an example to the other DDOSers of what punishment and consequences
    are to follow for their actions. They must be accountable for their

  10. They should let us get 1 free thing from the play station store like a GTA
    5 megladon shark card

  11. I think they should go to prison because they ruined Christmas for every
    gamer, made a lot of young children cry all Christmas and say it was the
    worst Christmas ever and they deserve to get fucked in the ass like they
    fucked us.

  12. You know what they deserve? A public execution so that the other lizards
    will get scared and never ddos again

  13. Microsoft is too fucking cheap to compensate its users, I swear I have
    never had a console that has had so many problems. the original xbox worked
    better than my xbox one. its just so disappointing since I paid $500 for a
    shitty console that cant play games half the time, ive had to buy new games
    after my shitbox one grinded them up and not to mention how slow the damn
    thing is. it takes FOREVER to install a freaking game and to download apps.
    to all of you out there looking for a new console DO NOT buy the xbox one
    probably the worst gaming system I have ever used

  14. Really? Another video about Lizard Squad again? This guy might as well do
    all of his videos about them. People don’t realize that Lizard Squad only
    did that to warn people about how easy it is to hack a multi-billion dollar
    company that a lot of people seem to put their faith and time into. Yes,
    its good to hear they got arrested.


  15. This video should be called ”OMG LIZARD SQUAD EXECUTED I’M SUCH A HIPSTER
    I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN!!! (GTA 5 Online Gameplay)”

  16. I don’t think they should be sent to prison. But I do think they should go
    to jail for around half a year. If you think about it they were probably
    trying to let everyone see the meaning of xmas. Hang out with your family
    not sit in your room and play video games. Thats probably not what they
    were trying to prove but that’s just my opinion.

  17. DOM the lizard squad followed me on twitter and I’m scared I don’t know
    what to do I don’t want to block them or anything because that might make
    them upset and they might hack me or something can you please send me a
    message or make a video on telling us what we should do if this happens
    please I’m scared :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

  18. I don’t think they deserve more then 1 months prisson, but a few weaks
    maybe… or just a penalty. nothing more

  19. Maybe a year in prison, and a $50,000 dollar fine… It should be similar
    to pirating movies and stuff like that I feel…