Los Santos By Night – GTA V PS4

Los Santos By Night – GTA V PS4

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  1. Tai tapo atskira hobio rūšimi. Vietoj to, kad žaistų kompiuterinį žaidimą,
    kai kurie žmonės grožisi ir kuria štai tokius vaizdo klipus

  2. Watched this more than once! Next Gen is awesome, I’m returning to consoles
    for the holidays, can’t decide if I want the XB1 or PS4 w GTAV? I have so
    much progress since x-box360, like friends and GS. Last PS console I had
    was the PS2 slim.

  3. As moderator of reddit.com /r/eve and /r/worldofwarcraft I had to wait a
    good 5 minutes after watching this video to stop laughing so that I could
    type this response. GTA is not a game. Eve Online is a game. World of
    warcraft is a game. Not only are the graphics objectively better in those
    games, but the level of strategy and intellect (of which I have a lot — IQ
    216) is astronomical in comparison to GTA. In World of Warcraft we have
    genius bosses to match our wits against. In GTA we have retarded characters
    that can’t drive. In Eve online we have a world so large it takes days to
    traverse. In GTA we can cross the city in mere minutes. The list goes on,
    but my hands tremble at the thought of GTA being compared to the greats
    like World of Warcraft and Eve Online. I speak on behalf of all Redditors
    when I say we must ban this game.

  4. If only one could wear a fedora in GTAV. Then it would be the perfect game
    Then it would be one step closer to being the perfect game. Of course, no
    game is perfect without the MLP characters present. Hmm, I have a proposal,
    my fellow Redditors. Perhaps we should all contact Rockstar @ mouthoff and
    tell them these improvements so they know what to do for GTAVI. They
    couldn’t possibly deny the fury of a thousand Redditors’ messages.

    -Toaster4231, Redditor Extraordinaire, Winner of 6 Consecutive MLP
    Roleplaying Competitions.

    EDIT: Thanks for the gold kind stranger!

  5. Man, this is going to be amazing when it comes out on PC. It’s already
    amazing, but it’s going to even better.


  6. Capturing video of other people’s art is akin to just taking a camera to a

    You depress the shit out of me.

  7. is this the first person version of the game or just a PS4 version of the
    exact same game from before?

  8. Fuck fags. Putting a dick where shit comes out of isn’t natural. And stop
    pretending it is

  9. Seeing all the life we can witness in Los Santos is just making me a bit
    sad that there are no so much interactions with these people (except you
    know murdering them…). Nonetheless this video is magnificent and just
    make me want to go back to Los Santos again! can’t wait for the PC version
    & the wonder the mod community is going to put in motion!

  10. Every video that I see about gaming, no matter the game or the person
    talking, the only comments I find are from feminists trying to ban this
    game or other game, PC Master Race people saying how they are superior and
    console gamers are peasants and haters talking about how the game is
    overrated. The gaming community is not worth saving.

  11. Rockstar reused their scripts which adds what they call ambience. Bully is
    a good example. I love how they want you to be part of the game. I spent an
    hour walking around the map. My bro watched. I saw an npc put a coat on as
    it started raining. Amazing.

  12. Wow. You really make the city look alive. Well. Except for that one undead
    guy. He doesnt count.