Mysterious Caves – GTA 5 Jetpack / Easter Egg Hunt

Mysterious Caves – GTA 5 Jetpack / Easter Egg Hunt

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  1. Hey, haven’t you seen the T.P.E blueprint map with UV lighting it says
    “under the ledge” so the second cave it probs the one with the jetpack.

    I would love to see the jetpack in the next update “IT WOULD BE SO

  2. I dont think anything spawns in any of those caves or even underground. The
    only logical place for the jetpack to spawn is Mount Chilliad. Those metal
    plates next to the mystery mural look like doors, not to mention the fact
    that its on a mountain means high elevation, perfect for flying. Somehow,
    someway, events or items needed to be collected or triggered which i think
    will eventually lead to a cutscene or the opening of those sliding “doors”
    on mount Chilliad.

  3. Im inside the cave right now. Pretty big inside. Found a dead gangster, not
    much else. Pretty cool though.

  4. Well i think its the mine for the “back to the future” De Lorean Car wich
    was a will get in some dlc.
    And that car will send you back to old Gta San Andreas to steal the Jet
    pack from CJ and Voila!!! you have the Jet Pack

  5. I’ve been in the last cave and there is nothing is there. I went after some
    guy on a mission and ended up there went inside only to fall into blue hell
    or whatever.

  6. Go to the prison and go into the tower and you have to stay for 45 minutes
    exact but in real time not GTA 5 time. Then you go to the FIB building and
    brake a window and go in there you will the jetpack but when you get it
    will disappear and go to a house in the hills. All you have to do is drive
    by the house and the garage will open and there is the jetpack and you can
    fly it and everything

  7. Jake tins man did you watch the video made by jimbothy it sounds the same
    if you did its fake 

  8. You use a c4 and blow it up and in story mode if you go further in the cave
    yes its a big one you can find a dead body and it looks like a gang member 

  9. If you won’t to get in there you have to blow it open with C4’s and you
    need 5 C4’s to do it.

  10. It will be there for the next gen u can explore the cave but it’s a mine u
    can blow open the doors when u do a murder easter egg for next gen