Things to do in GTA V – Fast Cash

Things to do in GTA V – Fast Cash

25 Responses to Things to do in GTA V – Fast Cash

  1. Pretty sure this means we can rob than bank during heists. Why else would
    they be able to get into it?!

  2. Did they record this before the recent patch or did they somehow get the
    fire truck hose to work after the patch that broke it.

  3. Seems like you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for Things to Do in GTA
    V. This was the least entertaining of all of them IMO!

  4. Can you rob that bank?
    If so I believe someone maybe Micheal should develop a heist for it.

  5. Hey does anyone want to gather up a group on gta v 360 just hang out not
    real competitive just have fun add me Zach the k1ller

  6. Am I the only one disappointed they didn’t make more of an effort to make
    their characters similar to themselves? 

  7. Still haven’t dipped into online because I can’t make a fucking character
    that looks good. I like the mass effect style creation, I don’t like having
    to choose grandparents and parents, it’s so much harder. Their characters
    look so good. 

  8. You know, even though there wasn’t really a point to this, it’s always
    entertaining to listen and watch these guys

  9. This is the kind of Rooster Teeth GTA V TTD I live for. Flying bodies,
    chaos, and Geoff uncontrollably laughing.

  10. So…how do you make it continuously do an action (Such as the Air thrust)
    I just want to replicate the fuck train