We’ve Played Grand Theft Auto V for PS4/Xbox One

We've Played Grand Theft Auto V for PS4/Xbox One

25 Responses to We’ve Played Grand Theft Auto V for PS4/Xbox One

  1. Who cares about GTA V? At the end of the day, it is yet ANOTHER
    disappointment game for you Playstation and Xbox virgins. The best games
    comes to Wii U and you idiots know it.

  2. Imagine how great this will be on PC, not only the higher res and fps but
    all them sweet mods 😀

    I’m also glad my fellow console gamers will also get a good looking

  3. I already have GTA 5 on PS3 which is a good game and I liked the online my
    crew members still play it everyday and are getting PS4 just for that game
    (why I don’t know, I have PS4 for next gen games that’s all). Anyways like
    I said althought I have this game on PS3 I never really playing considering
    the fact that GTA takes forever to load! And even once you’re inn, when you
    join an event it keeps loading again!. Why should I bother buying this same
    game again for £50 on PS4? I just don’t see the reason, considering the
    game takes forever to load (its GTA), and graphics are better at native
    1080p (as expected on newer consoles). Other than that the PS4 version has
    nothing to offer people! If you are getting it just for the graphics, I am
    sorry but I have to say you fools are way out of your mind. 

  4. I triple dog dare everyone on these comments to NOT BE SO FUCKING STUPID
    BABIES. and just have adult mature conversation about what you will like
    about the gta v or hope will be on there its this to hard to do because if
    it is than please please please let there be an airborne virus that will
    kill everyone on this earth and let a new form of smarter more enlightened
    beings to take over

  5. If you ask me this video should be on pornhub because all I’m hearing is
    “Draw distance… Fap fap fap, foliage, fap fap fap, lighting, fap fap
    fap.” I wish people would talk about the GAME and not the GRAPHICS so much.
    We all know how good the game looks, but what about the features or
    controls in first person? The new vehicles if you saw any? I’m sure there’s
    much more to talk about than grass and lights. Every video is all about
    graphics. We’ve all for the most part played the game already. We 85%-90%
    know what to expect outside of the new camera and side missions, but no one
    will talk about those, just graphics. Keep it in your pants and talk about
    things that matter more. If a game isn’t good the graphics don’t matter.
    Talk more about features next time like you do with other games.

  6. SOMEONE HELP ME. I have a decent rig i7/8GBRAM/2 GB Nvidia 765. I’m also
    getting a PS4. I already have GTAV for PS3. I don’t know whether to hold
    out for PC or get it for PS4? I think its mad enough considering buying the
    game again for another platform so please don’t suggest buy it for both.

    Pros for PC:
    May run better on my rig than on PS4. (maybe, because I will probably want
    better fps than 30)
    MOD SUPPORT!!!! (this is a big pro)
    Probably more added content by the time it comes out. (also cheaper)

    Pros for PS4:
    Easier to relax and play (i.e. Switch on console, sit back on my couch/game
    chair and play)
    Will be on the hub where most my games will be, and by proxy most of my
    gaming friends.
    Released sooner.

    P.S. If you can think of any other Pros for PS4 it would help as PC is out
    weighing it at the minute. My fear is I will wait for PC release for Mod
    Support to realise that my machine doesn’t run the game as well as on my

  7. soo…… wait are the hookers gonna have the draw distance? “fuckin in
    first person time!

  8. Which console should I get PS4 or Xbox One? And I’ve already ruled out PC
    so i don’t need PC fanboys replying…

  9. Will this run on my N64? Boy I hope so otherwise I better get the DS for
    christmas I can’t miss out!

  10. 1080p and 60fps is hard to pull off (it happens a lot, but yeah). I would
    prefer-for the Xbox One-720p 60fps. Honestly I’m more of a frames per
    second person and 30fps on GTA-sometimes-looks like 20fps. I own an Xbox
    One. My TV is not that great so it can’t achieve 1080p but 720p and 60fps
    is just fine for me. 

  11. This fucking first person mode has been around since San Andreas and for
    some reason there trying to act this is the next big thing? Like come on,
    there just focusing on this to distract people from the stuff that’s wrong
    with this game. Like how the map sucks so bad. A small city surrounded by
    absolute nothing. They could have added another city or fucking 3 with all
    the space they had but no..They decided to make baron wasteland that you
    cant interact with at all.I like the outdoors too but Jesus.. Even in the
    cities its the same problem no interaction with the world. No clubs, no
    bars, no restaurants or other buildings you can just go into. All these
    things make singleplayer a night mare after a while. Some ppl don’t like
    gta 4..but atleast it felt alive. Like the people on the street you saw
    were actually going places…but you know that’s not the case in 5 because
    theres simply no place for them to go…I figure fans will hate if they
    comment at all.

  12. Of course not!! It’s the original game but updated to include all new
    content including First person view.