XpertThief – Money Mission | GTA 5 Rap

XpertThief – Money Mission | GTA 5 Rap

24 Responses to XpertThief – Money Mission | GTA 5 Rap

  1. DUDE that was great can i have your permission to use this on a Minecraft
    recording. I will give you a shout out and a link to you channel in desc.
    (Please get back to me A.S.A.P)

  2. Hey I rap and make music and I was wondering if you would contact me if you
    want to do a gta thief or gta rap song together anyway my Instagram is
    scottmartin1999 and If you cannot contact me from that then also message me
    on Xbox360 clamb118 thank you and also I do a ton of cool videos and stuff
    so we could do some sick raps and shit so please contact me man 

  3. I swear that you said “I’ve been owning this city” instead of ” I know it’s
    been silly. I got confused asf. Lmao! YOU GOT RAP SKILLS, homie.

  4. Hey expert iv ben watching your vids for a while so i have a gtav race
    called bench can you play it please xbox 360

  5. I’ve been watching from isekc. I checked out his gaming at like 50,000 when
    I saw a vid when he talked about it. Years man. So many good vids.

  6. Expert theif i watch videos I think you are amesome and I really want join
    you in a session in grand theft auto 5 and one thing I believe in you that
    will make it to be the king of YouTube I believe in you and you are